During the last International Conference on Sustainable Industrial Areas (SIA) in October 2015 in Mexico, we experienced a growing demand for exchange on industrial areas and ways to align them according to sustainability criteria to increase competitiveness and attractiveness. The next International SIA conference will take place in Morocco and will focus on sustainable industrial areas in the context of climate change, one of the world’s biggest challenges.

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The SIA concept guides a way to sustainable industrial development by improving the organizational performance of industrial areas, while balancing economic, social and environmental concerns. The conference is aiming at highlighting this approach in general, but sets a focus on climate actions in industrial areas: Firstly on the potential to contribute to mitigation objectives by reducing GHG emissions in industrial areas, where typical emissions derive from energy provision, operation of industries, transport of goods and people, waste generation and treatment. Secondly the conference will provide an opportunity to showcase and discuss the requirements and potentials for industrial areas to minimize ecological and economic risks and maintain long-term operability by adapting to climate change. Thirdly, the conference will address questions related to financing specific measures to mitigate GHG emissions and adapting to the effects of climate change in the context of industrial areas.

Field visit of the industrial Park of “Ouled Salah”– Casablanca

Dinner & Networking


Plenary session 2: Be Part of the Climate Solution: How to Address Mitigation Actions in Industrial Areas?

Opening Ceremony – Official Opening Speeches

Coffee break & Networking

Coffee break & Networking

Plenary session 3: Be Part of the Climate Solution: How to Address Adaptation Actions in Industrial Areas?

Plenary session 1: Sustainable & Competitive Industrial Areas through Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation

Wrap up of day 1 & Closure

Lunch break

Dinner & Networking


Parallel working groups 3&4: Practices regarding Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation Actions

Summary discussions of day 1

Coffee break & Networking

Plenary session 4: Financing Mechanism for Realisation of Mitigation & Adaptation Measures in Industrial Areas?

Presentation of results of parallel working groups

Coffee break & Networking

Summary of main results of the conference

Parallel working groups 1&2: Practices and Supporting Factors for the Transition towards Sustainable Industrial Areas- Short inputs and panel discussion

Official Closing Ceremony

Lunch break


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Working Group, Sustainable Industrial Areas
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